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Evidence-based Practice: Comprehensive, integrated advising


Comprehensive, integrated advising that connects students with a broad range of individualized academic and nonacademic supports helps students successfully complete developmental course requirements, earn credits, complete a degree or industry-recognized credential, and transfer to a four-year institution. This type of advising model stands in contrast with the light-touch, transactional structure of traditional college advising, encouraging advisors to engage with students though deeper, more frequent, and lasting interactions. By building and sustaining a relationship with students, advisors can develop a better understanding of their holistic needs and help connect them to appropriate supports to meet their academic, financial, social, and emotional needs. An exemplar of this model is the Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP) model implemented by the City University of New York to help students graduate in three years. The program offers a suite of supports, including comprehensive advising, tutoring, career assistance, early registration, and financial support. Another successful model is the Monitoring Advising Analytics to Promote Success (MAAPS) project implemented at Georgia State University, in which an early warning data system with more than 800 alerts allows advisors to intervene quickly to help students get back on track. Key elements of effective advising models include access to data from progress monitoring or early warning systems (allowing advisors to proactively reach out to students); sustained relationships with the same advisor; frequent advisor-student interactions; social and emotional support in addition to academic support; and smaller caseloads to encourage advisors to spend more time with their assigned students.


The framework's recommendations are based on syntheses of existing research. Please see the framework report for a list of works cited.

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